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Ten percent of every purchase from Feathers + Wings goes towards The Waterfall, a women's recovery programme based in Southampton, UK. The Waterfall aims to help women who have addictions and life controlling issues regain their confidence as well as their dignity. There are a significant number of women in the region of Southampton struggling to overcome serious addictions and behaviours yet a shortage of services to assist and support these women. We donate to help them achieve their vision of enabling vulnerable women to overcome these addictions and life-controlling issues.
Though Feathers + Wings is London based, The Waterfall is where this story began and we hope to help with theirs. In the past, we have also worked alongside The Waterfall, running jewellery workshops and teaching the women how to make jewellery as part of the creative session in their recovery programme. 

Visit The Waterfall here:


grace [greis] n. unearned and unmerited favour

Greis, A Journal is an extension of Feathers + Wings. Our hope is to give you the grace to be and the room to become, simply by sharing our story. To encourage you to pursue the "something more". We explore themes of spirituality, creativity, community and travel, to name a few. This is our journey, our story and we are so glad to welcome you into it.


Because we just ADORE how you style Feathers + Wings, so keep 'em coming you beauties!

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Seeking Beauty, Grace + Simplicity

Feathers + Wings seeks to display beauty, grace and simplicity through creative mediums. Not only do we create beautiful pieces for you, we hope to encourage you to seek the 'something more'. through the written words we share. To find grace, beauty and simplicity in all of life's moments. To help you cultivate the belief that you are able to achieve all that you dare to dream; Feathers + Wings is a fruit of this. Finally, to encourage you to know that you are loved and known by Love.