America '15 | Raison D'etre

Raison D'etre (n.) a reason for existing. 

During my time in America, I decided to keep a journal. 'Raison D'etre' was engraved on the cover of my journal. Below is an excerpt from one of my fondest memories in one of my favourite places as well as some photos from the trip.

"September in Tennessee. I am sitting on a porch swing, listening to Jon Foreman's 'Your Love Is Strong', in a cabin situated in the Great Smoky Mountains. Yet again facing my fear of heights. It is beautiful here though.

The words 'away to where the leaves turn red' melodically flow through my mind. Though I am not up north (a friend kindly told me the leaves turn earlier there and it is beautiful when they do), you can feel Autumn's gentle whisper..

It is an amazing feeling being in these mountains. Everything is very quiet. Your eyes and ears become akin to all that is around you. The sound of leaves being rustled as animals move through them. The sound of crickets. The feel of the gentle breeze. The ray of sunlight breaking through the trees and leaves.

The sun rises and glory surrounds. I am left with the thoughts I choose to face.

Thoughts flood through my mind of the risks taken this year; the one's that were quickly shut down making me feel so far from You. Here in my tears I realise: You have always been, and always will be near. Thank You for reminding me of the nearness of You."

"I reach out and You find me in the dust.
You say no amount of untruths can separate us.."