An Invitation To Be Still

In Motion.

A few weeks back, I journeyed to Kent to visit a dear friend. A vast contrast from my hometown, London. I swapped tall buildings, bustling people and flashing lights for trees older than my existence, beautiful landscape and a late winter breeze. As much as I loved Kent and adored the views, it was the journey I craved the most. The idea of being in motion.

Ironically, the times I find myself at my stillest point is when I am in motion. Or better put, when my surroundings are in motion and I purposely bring myself to a halt. For me, this takes place in the form of sitting and observing - specifically when I travel. It takes place in the in between.

In these moments I am still to my surroundings but more importantly, to my current circumstance. Physically unmoved with a quieted soul; existing in this beautiful union. Detached from worldly issues and dwelling on heavenly ones. 
These moments carry such treasure for me. I find myself most vulnerable, most open, most aware and yet never alone.
It all comes back to communion. To a returning of the Father. As my surroundings move and labour around me, spiritually He works in and around me. Bringing me to places of deeper communion and knowing.
It is in these treasured moments of stillness that clarity is found and that circumstance you dwelled so long on is finally put into perspective.

Stillness and the "art" of being still differs for every individual but I do know that it involves being, existing and dwelling in a sacred place. My encouragement to you would be to practice it often. No matter what it looks like. To find yourself in that place of stillness and commune with Him for He longs to commune with you.

"To 'be' is to exist. To 'be still' is to quiet the soul to a beautiful standstill and exist in that place." - F+W