Thankfulness In This Life Giving Season

The year so far has proven to be a busy one in the best way possible, both personally and with Feathers and Wings; with thanks to all of you for your amazing support.

With Easter fast approaching, I am thankful that this week I have found time to slow down and reflect on the reasons why I do what I do. The reason to be celebrated today, this Friday and Sunday.

My creations are an act of worship to the Father, who gave His precious Son so that we may be set free. I create because I know Him to be Creator and it is in His likeness and for His Glory, I was made. I am thankful for the hands he has given me to create as well as the ideas and ability to produce the designs He gives me. Everything is His and will return to Him. Feathers + Wings is my song and my offering to Him. It is such a joy to do what I do for Him and I'm so thankful for all of your support through it all.

"I have seen the consummation of all perfection and it's You, Jesus."