City Hill Feature

Over the coming months, we are going to take a look at some of the exciting things our family members at CityHill are getting up to. First up is Jane. Jane has been coming to CityHill since the turn of the year. There are lots of wonderful things about Jane, she really is a real-life heroine in her day job at the NHS, but what many people don’t yet know is that she is a heroine in her other job –  Jewellery making. Here are a couple of questions I had the privilege to be able to ask Jane.

“I believe that your speech, behaviour, actions and what you create is directly influenced by what you live by or better put, what you hold close to your heart.”


How long have you been making Jewellery?
I have been making jewellery for 4 years now!

What was it that made you want to start?
It started when I was volunteering at a women’s charity called ‘The Waterfall’ – they are based in Southampton. They work alongside women helping them overcome all kinds of addictions. At the time, I was only leading some of the worship sessions but felt there was a lot more I could do for the women. I had heard about jewellery making and creative therapy in the states through a small company there. After reading how successful it was, I decided to teach myself how to make jewellery and then teach the women as part of creative therapy sessions.

What inspires you with your creations?
I believe that your speech, behaviour, actions and what you create is directly influenced by what you live by or better put, what you hold close to your heart. With that said, Scripture has been my strongest inspiration. There is a lot of beauty hidden in the scriptures. In terms of style and technique, my latest influences have come from the old testament, mainly concerning descriptions of when the temple was being built, the craftsmen that were hired and techniques used – a lot I have been able to relate to jewellery making (Exodus 31 v2-5).
Aside from scripture, nature (especially anything ocean-related) and my personal style have been a great source of inspiration. I love all things, dainty, natural and unique!

Why the name ‘Feathers & Wings?’
It comes from Psalm 91v4.
There is a sense of home, of belonging and being known, and I felt it worked well with what the purpose of the jewellery making was about in the first place.

Talk to me about ‘the branch’ I couldn’t help notice it is on sale and inspired by Isaiah 4, talk to me + and when are you going to make the men’s version?

Haha. I have had plenty of men asking for Men’s jewellery but I guess when the time is right, it will come.
As for the branch, it was a reference to the beauty of God’s people being grafted into His Kingdom. (See above picture…)

I noticed that 10% of the profits go to a good cause – talk to us about the difference you wanted your jewellery to make?
Yes, 10% goes to The Waterfall. As well as teaching jewellery making, I wanted to also help donate towards supplies the charity would need for other therapeutic sessions, fundraising events and resources to ensure the women could get the help they needed.

If you could go back and change one thing with your business what would it be?
I don’t think there is anything I would change, to be honest. I’ve come to understand that success is not based on how many sales you make (though it helps haha!) but rather how many people you touch and seeing the difference my jewellery is making to people. I’m quite happy at the place Feathers + Wings is at and trust God to guide me.

What are your hopes and aspirations for the future?
I hope to start making fine jewellery – I would love to do that and wedding/bridal jewellery.
In terms of the charitable side – continue donating, working alongside vulnerable women and making a difference anyway I can.

To find out more about Feathers & Wings click here to head over to the website. Beautiful elegant jewellery making a difference to match.