Meet Jane

"It is a beautiful thing to see someone set free and to be a part of that experience. Even better is knowing without a doubt, the new found place "that someone" is moving into is a place where they will know Love and come to know that they are loved. These are but a few of the things that move me.

I am a lover of God; a dreamer and a spirit set free. Inspired by the Master Craftsman, creative expression has become a medium for me to seek, discover and display beauty and grace in simplicity. Feathers + Wings is just one of the ways I do so.

I spent my Tuesdays in 2014 leading worship with the women from 'The Waterfall', a women's recovery group. I saw redemption, healing and freedom overcome the hurt and pain of the past. I watched as love conquered fear, hopelessness and heaviness

I started Feathers + Wings not only to do more for The Waterfall by giving, but to encourage others that it is possible to do and achieve all that you dare to dream.  With Feathers + Wings, I was able to combine my love for the arts with the gift of compassion (yep, I'm a qualified Nurse too). Something I had been longing to do for so long.

We spend our days going through the motions, contending with ourselves that we were made to do much more but so often afraid to step out and do it. Nothing is impossible - so long as you are persistent and you keep pushing. You've got to keep pushing for the something more."