Our Process

Seeking Beauty, Grace + Simplicity Through Creativity


"The ability to create my pieces has taught me a lot about life, the situations we face and also about people. With each finished piece, they never turn out how I expected them to. This change happens neither at the end, nor the beginning but in the process. The process of the measuring, the pulling, the bending, the cutting, the moulding... even under fire. 
As people, we bend, we hurt yet we're moulded, even through the fire of painful moments only to be made more beautiful. We're hurt, then we heal. We hurt to then be made whole again. I have learnt to show grace in these finished moments; to be thankful for what is created and appreciate the beauty of it.
Rest - it is here I find rest in these moments of grace."

- Jane Bannor


Each piece is handmade in London, UK by maker Jane Bannor. Where we can, we source our metals and materials from credible UK suppliers. We work mainly with Sterling Silver, Gold-Fill and Solid Gold metals. Gold-filled comprises of a solid layer of gold. It is made by bonding a solid thin layer of carat gold to a base metal core. Carat gold covers the brass surface, making it tarnish-resistant whilst keeping the warm tones of Gold, simply because it is Gold, just a more economical alternative. We are dedicated to providing quality and affordability for our customers. For this reason some of our Gold-Fill + Vermeil metals and findings are sourced from jewellery suppliers in the US that are ethical, responsible and adhere to EU/UK regulations.
Our aim in time is to transition completely to sourcing our materials solely from the UK, from a supplier willing to meet the gap.