The Name:

"He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings shall you trust. His truth shall be your shield and buckler." - Psalm 91v4


The Vision:

It has been said that without tension, beautiful melodies cannot be birthed on an instrument. That within the tension, the somewhere in between, beautiful moments are created.

From this place, Feathers + Wings was formed; seeking to display beauty, grace and simplicity through creative mediums. Whether this be through metal and goldsmithing, the written word or the beautiful melodies we share.
We believe true beauty lies within, aside from today's cultural strive for perfection; that it lies in life's simplest moments. It is here we draw inspiration from. Creating simple, detailed and beautiful pieces for you. Inspired both by the beauty of nature and it's creator, the Master Craftsman, we also create in the hope that it inspires you to live your life in a grace and strength not of your own; for you to know and be known.



You Give:

Ten percent of all sales from Feathers + Wings is donated to The Waterfall, a women's recovery group based in Southampton, UK. The Waterfall aims to help women who have addictions and life controlling issues regain their confidence as well as their dignity. There are a significant number of women in the region of Southampton struggling to overcome serious addictions and behaviours yet a shortage of services to assist and support these women. We donate to help them achieve their vision of enabling vulnerable women to overcome these addictions and life-controlling issues.
Though Feathers + Wings are London based, The Waterfall is where this story began and we hope to help with theirs. In the past, we have also worked alongside The Waterfall, running jewellery workshops and teaching the women how to make jewellery as part of the creative session in their recovery programme. 

Visit The Waterfall here: